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Daughter Doodled on Chanel GST:

Our customer didn’t think twice about leaving her GST alone with her daughter…  Casualty: Chanel GST Incident: Attack by Sharpie Pen  Chanel GST’s are crafted from Caviar Calfskin Leather. Due to leather being a super absorbent material and furthermore, Caviar leather hosting tiny... Lire la suite

Do You Know the Secrets Behind Fashion Week?

Fashion Weeks are synonymous with high fashion and higher expectations.  The world’s first fashion week was in New York: 1943 (to provide alternatives to European fashion when the War prohibited travel between the countries); it would be another 40 years until London curated their own catwa... Lire la suite

Do You Know the Most Demanded Lockdown Restoration

Historically, the most demanded restorations revolved around accidents out and about, placing them on restaurant floors or bathroom sinks, an accident in a hair beauty salon, food spillages from clumsy waiters and tipping over cocktails when you’ve had one too many drinks… However, since lockdow... Lire la suite

Celebrating the LGBT+ Community within Fashion.

February celebrates the LGBT+ community and their history in achieving representation and awareness.  As an inclusive company, Handbag Clinic has chosen to recognise the progressive field of fashion and explore the iconic designers that represent the LGBT+ community. Pride (the annual ce... Lire la suite

Ultimate Bag Guide: Dior Saddle Bag

Everything you need to know about Dior’s Cult Classic Saddle Bag… Dior’s iconic Saddle Bag debuted on the runway in John Galliano’s Spring/Summer 2000 collection and quite frankly ladies, the rest is history.  It’s adorned the shoulders of countless celebrities and before the year was ou... Lire la suite

Restore a Vintage Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier With U

We recently received an incredibly worn Vintage Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier from a customer in Monaco, who required our assistance in restoring the entirety of the external Vachetta. Our team of Artisan’s regularly restore Louis Vuitton merchandise and utilised their knowledge of Vachetta, ... Lire la suite

Britain: Did You Know it’s THE Fashion Hub of the

British Fashion: Britain hosts many of the most iconic brands in contemporary fashion. Our innovative and original ethos continues to trigger designers to not only be creative, but also commercial.  Over the years, Britain has cultivated a unique spirit that ignites the imagination of th... Lire la suite

Discover Why Vintage Handbags Are an Investment.

‘Vintage’ can often carry the negative connotations of being old, worn and unloved. However, when it comes to handbags, more often than not this couldn’t be further from the truth, as you’ll discover below...  Let’s take our minds back to the early 00s. Do you remember Sarah Jessica Parkers... Lire la suite

Vintage Chanel Restoration.

We recently received this Vintage Chanel from Freddy Cousin-Brown; prominent U.K fashion influencer and handbag appreciator.  Our artisan’s frequently work on Vintage Chanel handbags; utilising their knowledge of Lambskin and Caviar leather to revive them to their former splendour. We coul... Lire la suite

12 Days of Christmas Gift List...

Not to alarm you but it is 16 days until Christmas. Is it just us, or did it feel like February was only a few weeks ago? Either way, Santa is en route and your gift guide needs to be completed asap! Whether you're choosing for yourself or your loved one, we've curated a list of staple ha... Lire la suite

Do You Know Chanel’s 5 Secrets?

Since Karl Lagerfeld joined Chanel Headquarters in 1983, he bridged the creative gap between Coco Chanel and the contemporary audience.  As a result of consistently strong designs and influential audiences, Chanel remains one of the most recognisable fashion designers of both the 20th and 2... Lire la suite

Vintage Hermes Constance Restoration.

We undertook a full Hermes restoration on this 1974 vintage Hermes Constance... Our Artisan’s frequently work on the hugely popular Birkin and Kelly bags; however, when this timeless Constance was booked into our Clinic for a full restoration and replacement strap, they couldn’t resist working ... Lire la suite


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